Lake and meadow


Having just posted three nearly monochrome shots taken in the Himalayas, I have to post one more to correct a wrong impression. The Himalayas are not dark, brooding, and mysterious. Mountains are always dangerous if you do not respect them, but the reason I keep going back is the colour. So here is a scene which I liked and stared at for a long time without even raising a camera.

Penga Teng Tso was a calm mirror on a bright and cold day when we visited. From the highway you see bits of a little path that seems to run completely around the lake. We climbed down the dirt track from the highway, and I started off along the path. I estimated that it was about half an hour around the lake.

The beautiful Penga Teng Tso sits inside a little bowl, surrounded by peaks which had received snow. North facing surfaces around the lake also had a bit of snow. The day was beautiful, and the sun lit up the meadows around the lake. In November the grass was beginning to dry, but a herd of yaks still browsed around the lake. The place just held five humans.

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