On flickr, where I post under another name, there is a drive towards eyeballs which pushes your efforts in a certain direction. It is hard to break out of that. On my other blog I post photos of my travels. Elsewhere I post photos of people. I think I’m getting stale.

I need a place where I can do only what I feel like doing. I need a studio in public view where I can improve at what I can do. I hope this will become such a place.

Please leave a comment if you think there’s something I could have done better. Feel free to tell me when you don’t like something (it helps if you can tell me why you don’t like it). Please leave a note and a link to any work of yours which you think is connected in any way with one of mine (explain it when you do, because I need training to see through your eyes). But I’ll ruthlessly discard the meaningless comment “Nice”, because I reserve the right to decide what comments I allow.

If you like what I am doing, come by once a week, once a month, look around and say something interesting. I don’t want to post a lot here: only when I have something which excites me. Sometimes I would also like to showcase your work which touches me in some way. I’ll ask your permission before I do this, because I respect your intellectual property.


  1. I love your work very much. The photo’s are immensely touching. I came across this website because I was looking for images that I could use in a small IMovie that comes along with a song that I wrote. Wishing 4Peace.
    I am a starting songwriter.
    And because I respect your intellectual property, I would want to ask you if it is possible to use one photo in particular (and maybe two or three more) for the little movie that goes with my song 4Peace. The one that I am referring to is the picture of the Dom at X-mas in the section Christmas markets. Others would be pictures of landscapes that produce joyful and happy feelings.

    If you would like to see where and how I intend to use it, let me know. And off course I can mention you, your blog, or work in the credentials. In the way that you would want it.

    I sincerely hope to hear from you.

    Kind regards, Sofie Weber


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