The thing with feathers that perches

We stopped while passing through the Thar desert. In a little thicket of desert plants, acacia and milkweed. I saw the very familiar bee eater. They … Continue reading The thing with feathers that perches


The drop that got away

I haven’t been posting regularly, but Trablogger’s invite to post for the last time this year is one I cannot ignore. The ordinary, the mundane, the … Continue reading The drop that got away

A small family group in Pench National Park

A small family

Standing in a shower on a hot day is a very ordinary pleasure: you don’t smile or laugh as you do it. It was not hard … Continue reading A small family


One flew over

I was trying to get the ant on the flower, but it scurried halfway behind a petal just as a bee came bumbling into the frame. … Continue reading One flew over

Darter on a tree in Ranthambore, Rajasthan

Elegant drabs

What could be more ordinary than a drab bird sitting atop a tree? The thing that sets this apart is the elegant curve of its neck. … Continue reading Elegant drabs

Sea shell in a rock

Natural circles

When you start thinking about odds, they depend on exactly what you ask. What was the chance that I would go for a walk on the … Continue reading Natural circles

Cheetal stag at rest in Ranthambore

Stag in the sun

A Cheetal stag normally has a very hectic morning, foraging with its family. This one finished his breakfast and decided to take a solitary me-time to … Continue reading Stag in the sun

Underwater in Pyin Oo Lwin

A hidden world

Under the surface of a very ordinary lake is a magical world. Submerged stakes are home for catfish. Advertisements Continue reading A hidden world


A lazy morning

What is the point of a morning if you can’t have a good nap? Advertisements Continue reading A lazy morning