Black bird

I hate not knowing which bird I’m looking at. Sometimes there’s not much you can do about it, either because the bird just won’t peep out of the deep foliage it is in, or because the sky behind it is too bright. I discovered a while back that most cameras record enough data about things…… Continue reading Black bird


This cat paced us as we walked through the ruins of the Greek city of Ephesus. Friendly Friday | Lens Artists 47 | LPM | Nancy Merrill | Nurturing Thursday |


A bout of unseasonal rain while on a walk in Bharatpur sent me to shelter facing a vast marsh. Animals were hunkered down against the rain; I don’t think I will ever get to take Cheetal and pelicans in one shot again. The moody light was beautiful. Nancy Merrill | Friendly Friday | Debbie |…… Continue reading Rain

The thing with feathers that perches

We stopped while passing through the Thar desert. In a little thicket of desert plants, acacia and milkweed. I saw the very familiar bee eater. They are a daily sight in gardens, but here they seemed to speak of hope: a greening which might push back the desert through the import and recylcing of water.