New York City: 42nd Street

42nd Street

What structures can be more ordinary than skyscrapers when you are walking about mid-town New York? But among the straight lines of New York, a glimpse … Continue reading 42nd Street

Casa Mila: chimneys

Captured by Aliens

Aliens have captured several humans, including the woman in yellow. This is not a everyday occurrence. The photo was taken in Barcelona, on the roof of … Continue reading Captured by Aliens

Cloud Gate, sculpture by Anish Kapoor, Chicago

Just another hangout

Let’s go walk in the park, that’s such an ordinary thing to do, especially if it is a sunny day in winter. The only slightly unusual … Continue reading Just another hangout

Reclining Buddhas of Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand

Sleeping Buddhas

A reclining Buddha always looks relaxed. It is hard to take a photo of the massive reclining Buddhas of south-east Asia without tremendous foreshortening. I was … Continue reading Sleeping Buddhas

Chawls in Bhendi bazaar

A lamp that burns in the night

The word Shama means a burning lamp, and is a trope in Urdu poetry for love and hope. In this block of flats in the middle … Continue reading A lamp that burns in the night

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus building

Reflections in a traffic jam

I’ve learnt to keep my camera in my hand when I’m stuck in traffic. Here I managed to catch the reflection of the grand facade of … Continue reading Reflections in a traffic jam


Settimia Spizzichino

The bridge of Settimia Spizzichino crosses the railway tracks near the Garbatella metro station in the Ostensia district of Rome. I liked the clean lines of … Continue reading Settimia Spizzichino

Henry the Navigator's statue in Porto

I said, that way

Henry the Navigator set into motion the historical forces which made Portugal the pre-eminent European power for a couple of centuries. Here his statue in Porto … Continue reading I said, that way


White and white

On holidays I take the most mundane of holiday pictures: buildings that I see. I enjoyed walking through the Serralves Museum and peeking at the building … Continue reading White and white