Lotus pond

Walking through a forest we came to the remains of an old hunting blind facing a pond, presumably a place where an old-time Rajah decimated flocks of birds. The lodge has fallen into ruins, and the pond is over run with the green leaves of lotus in this season. There were three ordinary birds walking…… Continue reading Lotus pond

Middle Earth

We drove out of Mumbai on a weekend, looking for the authenticity of villages, and beyond that to empty roads through the mountains. A hundred kilometers away, and well off the highway, we saw the city and the village facing off. An icon of the city, the black and yellow auto, stood forlorn in the…… Continue reading Middle Earth

A banyan tree

In Indian folklore ghosts tend to hang out around banyan trees. The spreading foliage is just the perfect hiding place for scores of ghosts; the drooping aerial roots provide access to unsuspecting passers by. Very often there is a platform banyan trees, like this one, where people could rest in the shade during the day.…… Continue reading A banyan tree

Lake and meadow

Having just posted three nearly monochrome shots taken in the Himalayas, I have to post one more to correct a wrong impression. The Himalayas are not dark, brooding, and mysterious. Mountains are always dangerous if you do not respect them, but the reason I keep going back is the colour. So here is a scene…… Continue reading Lake and meadow