Black bird

I hate not knowing which bird I’m looking at. Sometimes there’s not much you can do about it, either because the bird just won’t peep out of the deep foliage it is in, or because the sky behind it is too bright. I discovered a while back that most cameras record enough data about things…… Continue reading Black bird

Athena’s Poppy

No owls, no olive trees. I walked through the ruins of the ancient town of Priene, now a wilderness, ancient groves run wild, to the top of the hill, where the remnants of the temple to Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, stood in a clearing. Broken pieces of columns are scattered about, like a…… Continue reading Athena’s Poppy

Light and water with moss

The shining drops of water on the moss were nice, but that yellow flower at the back was serendipity. This was taken on Kaas plateau. Friendly Friday


Houses in Sikkim are slightly confused since the earthquake some time back. Traditional houses made of bamboo and mud are no longer favoured, because they collapse in an earthquake. Concrete structures would be safe, but are too expensive. Instead, people now build with bricks. Bricks are neither safe, nor cheap: they have to trucked up…… Continue reading Confusion


We drove through the winding Himalayan roads after sunset, still an hour from our destination. The roads were nearly empty. Occasionally a truck would labour past us. The last bits of colour were leaching out of the sky. I stopped to take a photo of this last light. Then I saw far below us, at…… Continue reading Emptiness