How do you have fun when its raining hard outside, and the world has turned gray? Confined inside the flat, I pottered around until I discovered some tops and a small glazed bowl. The photo here shows the state of confinement of tops inside a small space. In physics there is a notion that protons…… Continue reading Confinement

A spare shoe

We walked past the vast plaza in Lisbon where the royal palace stood before the earthquake of 1755. In front of it is the Tagus river. A ramp leads up from it to the square. Once upon a time, visiting dignitaries would descend from their boat and walk up these steps to the palace. Much…… Continue reading A spare shoe


I live by the sea, and sometimes spend my time just looking at the motion of the water. It’s very hard to capture the motion of the sea with my camera. Nothing hangs over the water to create a shadow, and the sun is so harsh that I can never stop down the aperture enough…… Continue reading Movement