Delicate blue with circles and squares

You have to take off your shoes when you enter a mosque in Istanbul. It was great feeling, because my feet sank into the deep pile of a comfortable carpet. It was hard to tear one’s eyes away from the baroque ceiling of the Nuruosmaniye mosque in Istanbul, all light, and intricate arabesques. Paying attention…… Continue reading Delicate blue with circles and squares

Symmetry breaking

The challenge at the anything-but-wit’s end called for high key photography. I remembered that I’d struggled with an image I wanted to capture in China, the one you see above. The brightly lit stone was interesting in itself, as an example of Chinese aesthetics. Notice the subtle breaking of symmetry; asymmetry is highly valued in…… Continue reading Symmetry breaking

Baked earth

The earth baked by the sun until it has cracked is a common sight in the middle of spring in India. It had rained heavily the previous night, but the dense mass of baked plates refused to let the water seep in. There are at least two months to go before the monsoon arrives. I…… Continue reading Baked earth

Crab cove

I rushed out to the beach in Neil Island before breakfast in order to capture traces of the events of the night. The sand was dotted with the tiny structured heaps which mark entrances to the burrows of ghost crabs. All across the sand I could see the dotted lines which mark the roads taken…… Continue reading Crab cove

The Riddle of the Sands

The title of this post repurposes that of a book by Erskine Childers written in 1903. Although it was a spy story rife with details of the European politics of that time, today one can read it for its loving descriptions of the North Sea and the Frisian Islands. On the beaches of Andaman, a…… Continue reading The Riddle of the Sands

Al fresco lunch

We had lunch in a restaurant set among trees. Although it was very warm, we opted to sit in the long verandah outside, looking at the trees and the sky. As we waited for our lunch to arrive, I wondered how one could capture the story in a single shot. The dark table mat with…… Continue reading Al fresco lunch

Sunlight on old bones

Sunlight on a bare football field and two awfully tired bodies lying loose and limp in the dust. There’s definitely a story here.