Les Fleurs du Prairial

The incredible heat of summer in India ends with the coming of the monsoon. Summer is a brilliant time, blazing with trees covered in bloom, orange, yellow, red, and purple, and redolent of the smell of mango and jackfruit. This second hot month of the year is called Jyaishtha, the closest western equivalent is Prairial…… Continue reading Les Fleurs du Prairial


I hadn’t done a photo-walk for a long time. It was a pleasure walking through a garden with a camera at the end of March. You discover little things which you might not notice otherwise. Like the fact that palm trees grow differently from other trees, and that it might have a trunk in three…… Continue reading Grow

Flame of the Forest

The dhak tree is very common across India. In the right season the red-orange flowers seem to set the forest alight. A fallen flower glows like an ember on the forest floor. For Diwali, the festival of lights, I thought this would be an appropriate post.

Invitation: old

Can an overripe banana be a meme or an inspiration? It’ll be great if you link your photo on the theme of old.

Fruit of Rose

We went away for a couple of days and the rose bush flowered and fruited. I was a little sad to have missed the flower. We don’t have a rose blooming every day, although its not so uncommon either. By the time we got back the fruit was drying on the bush, and its texture…… Continue reading Fruit of Rose

Spring and fall

Walking in a untidy patch of garden behind my flat in April 2006, I saw this fallen flower atop others. It was the first time I had taken a digital photo of a flower. I opened this folder to cull photos, and did not have the heart to: so many photos of children who are…… Continue reading Spring and fall

On Mount Harriet

Mount Harriet is the highest peak in the Andaman archipelago. Right at the top of mountain is a little garden where I took the photo of this very common garden flower on Isaac Newton’s birthday. It escapes very easily from the garden. In various parts of India I’ve seen this flower growing wild, sometimes in…… Continue reading On Mount Harriet