The frame maker

A young man is framed by the pictures of gods and goddesses which he sells for a living. This photo was taken near the Kapaleeshwarar temple in Chennai. Notice the difference in skin tone between the salesman and the subjects of the paintings he sells. The hardest part about taking street portraits in certain parts…… Continue reading The frame maker

A curiosity shop

In Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar, a man waits in front of his shop full of junk waiting for customers. This kind of shop is getting rarer as meaning of recycling changes. Chor Bazaar is now squeezed geographically as furniture shops expand into it. The main customers seem to be set designers for numerous TV shows and…… Continue reading A curiosity shop

An unexpected interruption

Passing through Tingmoo valley in South Sikkim, we came upon this little school. Children were divided into two classes. There was a teacher in charge of the class of younger children. She did not mind a little break. I chatted with her, and she was happy to tell me about the school. Meanwhile the children…… Continue reading An unexpected interruption