This plate of oxtail pastry is history. It is done with, finished. It is now mentioned in hushed tones around the dinner table at home. It … Continue reading Oxtail

Umbrella after rain

After a shower

An ordinary umbrella discarded on a meadow after a shower transforms into a shiny frame for grass flowers. Continue reading After a shower

Sunlight, flower, ant

A lazy weekend photo

Every day in Mumbai can be as crowded as the great wall of China on a Sunday. Work and travelling can take up twelve hours of … Continue reading A lazy weekend photo


Red Pierrot

The Red Pierrot is not a very common butterfly, at least not in urban Mumbai. Although I’ve seen one occasionally, its never been when I had … Continue reading Red Pierrot



PhoTrablogger’s Mundane Monday challenge had me scouring my hard disk again for a shot of everyday life. A fallen leaf rotting away on the ground should … Continue reading Rot