This plate of oxtail pastry is history. It is done with, finished. It is now mentioned in hushed tones around the dinner table at home. It was just an ordinary little eat with our Sangria and sherry in a little bar in Madrid. But it left a big impression. This was our first evening in…… Continue reading Oxtail

After a shower

An ordinary umbrella discarded on a meadow after a shower transforms into a shiny frame for grass flowers.

A lazy weekend photo

Every day in Mumbai can be as crowded as the great wall of China on a Sunday. Work and travelling can take up twelve hours of a day. So you can understand if people don’t want to leave home on weekends. I like to get my vitamin D by walking around in a sunny garden…… Continue reading A lazy weekend photo


PhoTrablogger’s Mundane Monday challenge had me scouring my hard disk again for a shot of everyday life. A fallen leaf rotting away on the ground should count as mundane, shouldn’t it?