Bus stop

A bus stop outside Munnar in Kerala. Buses are few and far between, but in Kerala life is so sweet who cares. MMC, TPC, WPC

This prophet says 58

You descend into the darkness every day. You mutter a hello to familiar faces whom you don’t know. You scan the subway walls hoping to find the words of the prophets written there. One day you see it: 58. Is that a hidden message?

No corners

There are no corners to a ball. There are dabs of colour: warm yellows, dabs of greens and pinks. The comfortable everyday world of a little juice bar can be seen in a round lamp shade. This is a street photo without a street.


Anticipation wears many faces. I was busy photographing the street food of Myanmar when I noticed these three waiting for their order of a snack. The space between a movie hall and a temple was full of these young girls on a Sunday afternoon. A movie had just got over. Most of the people were…… Continue reading Waiting