Ant on a tree

You can be lost in a forest: your eyes scanning a landscape which was not designed by humans. Or you can focus on particulars, and take in the sunlight on the bark of a tree, the insects crawling over it. This is for Narami’s Tuesdays of texture, but I think the subject also fits PhoTrablogger’s…… Continue reading Ant on a tree

Cake shop

At Annie’s Bakery, Annie has sold most of the day’s bakes and has a lot of time to herself and her mobile phone. In a little town with less than 4000 people, slow evenings at the cake shop can be slow. I enjoyed taking this photo. My wife had disappeared into a little complex of…… Continue reading Cake shop

Lake and meadow

Having just posted three nearly monochrome shots taken in the Himalayas, I have to post one more to correct a wrong impression. The Himalayas are not dark, brooding, and mysterious. Mountains are always dangerous if you do not respect them, but the reason I keep going back is the colour. So here is a scene…… Continue reading Lake and meadow

High up

Three monasteries in the Himalayas are called Taktsang, meaning Tiger’s Nest. They are all supposed to have been established by the guru Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism to the region. The first one I had seen was in Bhutan, and involved a couple of hours’ climb along a muddy path. This photo is from my second,…… Continue reading High up


We drove through the winding Himalayan roads after sunset, still an hour from our destination. The roads were nearly empty. Occasionally a truck would labour past us. The last bits of colour were leaching out of the sky. I stopped to take a photo of this last light. Then I saw far below us, at…… Continue reading Emptiness