I spent a holiday on an idyllic Indian Ocean island, small and full of beaches. I took this photo when my mind was so totally calm that those horizontal layers of colour seemed to reflect my inner state. Those tiny upright shoots of mangroves dominated the vast spaces behind them. Every day, caught between the…… Continue reading Horatio

Natural circles

When you start thinking about odds, they depend on exactly what you ask. What was the chance that I would go for a walk on the beach and find this beautiful shell stuck in a rock just so, presenting these natural circles to a camera? Very small, perhaps astronomically small. But what were the odds…… Continue reading Natural circles

The Riddle of the Sands

The title of this post repurposes that of a book by Erskine Childers written in 1903. Although it was a spy story rife with details of the European politics of that time, today one can read it for its loving descriptions of the North Sea and the Frisian Islands. On the beaches of Andaman, a…… Continue reading The Riddle of the Sands