Red rose

In monochrome the red of a rose is not as interesting as its center. The curly stamens are topped by the interesting looking anthers. The pistils of a rose are much shorter, and in this photo, are hidden by the stigma. Today is the third day of the 7 day B&W challenge that Rekha set…… Continue reading Red rose

The new

A white rose in monochrome. I wanted to remove all hints of colour to see what is left behind: light and shadows, texture. What’s special about that, you may ask. A new 4 diopter lens which I got transforms the most mundane subject into a whole fascinating new world. This is day 2 of my…… Continue reading The new

Fruit of Rose

We went away for a couple of days and the rose bush flowered and fruited. I was a little sad to have missed the flower. We don’t have a rose blooming every day, although its not so uncommon either. By the time we got back the fruit was drying on the bush, and its texture…… Continue reading Fruit of Rose