Edge of the seat

We stopped for tea at this roadside shack in Sikkim. A youngster was lying on a table busy playing a game on a cell phone, when her mother called out to her. You can see the resulting tension in this photo: a part of her wants to respond to her mother, another part is glued…… Continue reading Edge of the seat


Houses in Sikkim are slightly confused since the earthquake some time back. Traditional houses made of bamboo and mud are no longer favoured, because they collapse in an earthquake. Concrete structures would be safe, but are too expensive. Instead, people now build with bricks. Bricks are neither safe, nor cheap: they have to trucked up…… Continue reading Confusion

An unexpected interruption

Passing through Tingmoo valley in South Sikkim, we came upon this little school. Children were divided into two classes. There was a teacher in charge of the class of younger children. She did not mind a little break. I chatted with her, and she was happy to tell me about the school. Meanwhile the children…… Continue reading An unexpected interruption


I live by the sea, and sometimes spend my time just looking at the motion of the water. It’s very hard to capture the motion of the sea with my camera. Nothing hangs over the water to create a shadow, and the sun is so harsh that I can never stop down the aperture enough…… Continue reading Movement

This is not a window

You can still find lovely houses in Sikkim, although the traditional wood frame construction is giving way to brick and concrete. As we walked into Hilley village we saw a beautiful hcabin made from wooden planks. This is not common, but not unknown either. It was painted a beautiful shade of green. The window frame…… Continue reading This is not a window