Sunlight on old bones

Sunlight on a bare football field and two awfully tired bodies lying loose and limp in the dust. There’s definitely a story here.

A lazy weekend photo

Every day in Mumbai can be as crowded as the great wall of China on a Sunday. Work and travelling can take up twelve hours of a day. So you can understand if people don’t want to leave home on weekends. I like to get my vitamin D by walking around in a sunny garden…… Continue reading A lazy weekend photo

Ant on a tree

You can be lost in a forest: your eyes scanning a landscape which was not designed by humans. Or you can focus on particulars, and take in the sunlight on the bark of a tree, the insects crawling over it. This is for Narami’s Tuesdays of texture, but I think the subject also fits PhoTrablogger’s…… Continue reading Ant on a tree