A curiosity shop

In Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar, a man waits in front of his shop full of junk waiting for customers. This kind of shop is getting rarer as meaning of recycling changes. Chor Bazaar is now squeezed geographically as furniture shops expand into it. The main customers seem to be set designers for numerous TV shows and…… Continue reading A curiosity shop

Almost done

I liked this quartet of waiters hanging around the box which holds the last bit of unsold food in this shop. It has been a good day; the sweets in the second shelf are completely finished, only some of the kababs in the top shelf are left. The boys are happy to hang around without…… Continue reading Almost done

The world outside

On a walk through a crowded bazaar in Mumbai I saw this empty shop which allowed the storekeeper an opportunity to catch up with the wider world. I like the fact that he turns his back on the world outside to find out more about it. I’ve been trying to see the world in monochrome…… Continue reading The world outside